With Medical Assisted Weight Loss, Avoid the Trend Trap

With Medical Assisted Weight Loss, Avoid the Trend Trap

The struggle is real, but there’s hope with Medical Assisted Weight Loss! Wanting to shed pounds can affect both your mental health and physical well-being. Even a few extra pounds can strain joints and impact your #HealthyMobility. Remember, you’re not alone.

Did you know around 45 million Americans try diets each year, according to the CDC? Despite that, about two-thirds of Americans still face the challenge of being overweight or obese, leading to potential health problems.

Keto, Subway, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free… So many choices and trends. While they might show initial results, long-term success requires more. After losing weight, up to 90% of people regain most of it. You can’t live on just celery and broccoli, right?

But don’t lose hope. Medical assisted weight loss programs offer a safe, effective option beyond DIY dieting. At Spruce Health Group, our team creates personalized plans tailored to your needs. Our certified providers design strategies based on your medical history and lifestyle. This approach truly helps you reach weight-loss goals, leading to better overall health. And if you need ongoing support, we’re here for you to maintain your new #HealthyLiving journey.

Trend Trap

One-size-fits-all: The Challenge of Commercial and Trendy Diets

Commercial and fad diet plans are crafted with a broad audience in mind. They follow a generalized approach to weight loss. However, here lies the issue: everyone’s weight loss journey is unique. People lose and gain weight differently, often for various reasons.

Certainly, eating habits and physical activity play vital roles in managing weight. Additionally, factors such as your health condition, nutritional needs, age, and even your genetic makeup contribute significantly.

Unfortunately, commercial and fad diets often fail to consider these individual differences. This is a key reason why these diets frequently prove inconsistent and unsustainable. Over time, repeated unsuccessful attempts with these diets leave many individuals feeling disheartened and without hope.

Understanding the How of Medical Weight Loss

Ditching the one-size-fits-all approach of commercial diets, medical weight loss takes a personalized approach. It’s entirely tailored to you, considering not just your weight-loss goals but your medical history, health needs, lifestyle, and nutrition.

The journey starts by delving into your health history and performing an assessment, sometimes complemented by lab tests. Nutritional evaluations help pinpoint deficiencies that might be triggering unhealthy cravings or affecting weight loss. Together, we’ll craft a weight-loss plan engineered for your triumph.

Beyond incorporating your preferred healthy eating and exercise choices, your plan could encompass prescription options or over the counter nutritional supplements. Regular check-ins with goal tracking and periodic nutrient assessments ensure you’re on the path to optimal wellness. Our ongoing medical support keeps you motivated and on course. We even guide you through user-friendly apps for tracking progress and maintaining focus.

Beside achieving a healthy weight, our ultimate aim with your medical weight-loss plan is to instill healthy behaviors that you’ll genuinely want to maintain.

Achieving Weight Loss Success is Within Reach!

Having a personalized medical weight loss plan that caters to your individual needs is crucial for effective weight loss and long-term maintenance. Discover how our certified providers can design a strategy to assist you in reaching your goals. Request an appointment online today to get started.